Drug Hub Market

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General features

  • Written entirely from scratch.
  • Signin not needed to browse listings / search / check out vendors.
  • Passwordless login. No usernames or passwords to remember, all you need is access to your PGP key.
  • Two factor authentication enforced via PGP signatures.
  • Invoice based payments, market wallet used only for refunds.
  • Shopping Cart, place many orders pay only once.
  • Private mirrors for every vendor, private mirrors for customers on request once their account meets certain requirements. Since Tor is often unstable / unreliable you will get not one but two private mirrors.
  • Innovative (probably unique at this point) link distribution system. Unlike regular mirror rotation everyone will get a truly unique mirror. No DDoS, always up, always fast.
  • Customer pays market commission. This is de facto on any market because vendors add market commission on top of their product price, we are just being open about it.
  • Standard commission is 5%, it can go lower or higher based on certain factors including but not limited to your account activity and volume.
  • Enforced end to end encryption except for generic or system messages. Unless an order is disputed (in which case you will need to also encrypt with a staff key) you only encrypt with vendor (or customer) key so nobody can read your messages. If servers get seized plaintext cannot be recovered.
  • Clear transaction ledger.
  • No hot wallets on servers to protect against seizures or hacks. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.
  • Notification system, do not miss any important events.
  • Separated messaging systems: Order Chats, Vendor Chats, Support Chats. Chats are conversation-style threads.
  • Few or no captchas.
  • Simple feedback system.
  • Automated support system, most issues can be solved / clarified without waiting for staff.
  • Disputes can be settled without staff intervention.
  • Vendor applications are manually handled on case by case basis.
  • Listings go to moderation until vendor account reaches certain requirements.
  • With every new order copies of listing description and refund/reship policy are saved and used if a dispute is opened to prevent “bait and switch”. Disputes will be settled according to the original description and refund/reship policy even if vendor changes them after the fact.
  • We cover withdrawal fees.
  • Jabber notifications via private jabber server.
  • While we may accept Bitcoin or altcoins via third parties our system only handles Monero which means withdrawals will be XMR only.

Vendor-only features

  • Two private mirrors once your application is approved.
  • Quick Replies: You can set up quick reply messages and answer common questions or disputes with one click.
  • Bulk Quantities: You don’t need to set up several listings for every bulk discount. In fact spamming listings is discouraged.
  • AutoSweep: Once your cleared balance reaches a predefined amount a withdrawal will be automatically initiated to an address of your choice. However AutoSweep initiated withdrawals are still processed offline.
  • Employee Accounts: You can set up employee accounts and assign them permissions without sharing sensitive information with them like your PGP key. Employee accounts cannot access sensitive account areas like settings, logs, ledger.
  • Listing Quick Edit: You can change settings like listing price, stock, currency, listing status without your listings going to moderation.
  • Keywords for every listing to improve search results.
  • Private/Custom listings: They won’t show up in search / category, you will share your custom listing ID with your customers and they can type it in a box to open it.
  • Flexible auto-finalize timer set by vendor, between 5 and 45 days, no need have funds locked in escrow when customers don’t finalize their orders.