Mushrooms: 3 people plead guilty

Psychedelic Mushrooms


According to Kenneth Parker, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, six people were charged with selling liquid psychedelic mushrooms online and three of them have pled guilty in a federal court in Columbus, Ohio this week.

They sold the mushrooms in vials for $20 on the dark web from November 13, 2019 to April 2020 through the monikers “TRIPWITHSCIENCE” and “PERFECTSHROOMS.”

Court documents show that at least one customer was in Columbus.

These are the three people who pled guilty to conspiring to possess with intent to distribute a psychedelic mushroom analog:

  • Matthew Barlow, 35, of Murray, Utah
  • James Barlow, 44, of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jennifer Campbell, 42, of Murray, Utah

James Barlow also pled guilty to conspiring to launder the proceeds from their drug enterprise.

According to court documents, James will forfeit approximately $15 million in proceeds and property, including millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency, a Tesla Model-X and other assets.

Parker said he would use people in Nevada, Utah and Maryland to arrange shipments of the mushrooms from Memphis , Las Vegas and Florida to customers throughout the United States and Europe.

A Cyber Drug Task Force investigation from Central Ohio found James’ organization was responsible for distributing 315 kilograms of powder mushroom analogs and 3,200 kilograms of liquid mushrooms.

The others, Monet Carriere, 32, of Las Vegas, Tony Du Phan, 44, of Memphis, and Ronald Brust, 45, of Las Vegas are all facing federal charges.

The defendants are facing 20 years in prison.