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About Revolution Market

Revolution Market has Forced 2FA, XMR, BTC, a little bit of multisig and the best Support team on any darkweb market.

We are the only market paying the community back, every fourth month we will give 10 users all the commission made during the month. Join now

Revolution market was created by activists. Let the Revolution begin.

How to become a Vendor

Please read and acknowledge the rules as breaching them may result in account suspension. If you’re a vendor on another market please add your PGP key and contact Support to request a free vendor account you must include a link to your Recon profile or provide support with a link to your current market profile showing at least 20 sales.

#1: FE (Finalized Early) is not permitted unless you get explicit permission later. If you ask market users to FE without permission we will reovke your vendor account.

#2: You agree not to list any child porn, murder for hires services, terrorism material and prostitution services your account will be banned and all funds in your wallet seized.

#3: If you scam or attempt to scam market users we will revoke your vendor account and seize all funds in your wallet.

#4: There is a vendor fee (0.005612 BTC / 0.743784 XMR).

#5: Make sure you add your PGP key to your profile, 2fa will be automatically enabled.

#6: You agree not to lure market users from the market this includes email. We have a zero tolerance policy towards this and your account will be terminated and all funds in your wallet seized.

#7: Any dox threat will result in an immediate ban.

#8: Two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory for all vendors.

#9: Vendors must accurately describe their products in their listings. If we find your listings are completely inaccurate, you will be banned without warning.

#10: All Weapons are prohibited do not list any.

#11: Fentanyl & fentanyl analogues are strictly prohibited. Listings will be removed, vendor account banned and all funds in your account forfeit.