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Royal Market is a newer darknet market that opened for business in October 2020. Registering on the site is super simple, as is the market browsing experience. The layout of Royal seems to be completely unique and learns from the design flaws of other markets. There is no account wallet to which deposits must first be made, and all orders are processed using a per-order payment escrow system (veteran vendors who have earned a lot of “points” on the market are FE-enabled). One of the only downsides of Royal that we can see thus far is that they don’t have much in the way of listing filters, and search functionality is somewhat limited. Both XMR and BTC are supported.

Payment Methods

Royal Market uses the per-order (also known as Direct Pay) payment system, meaning there is no centrally-controlled wallet that holds all user funds. Rather, a deposit is only required at time of payment. The market supports both BTC and XMR as payment option. It operates a bit different from most other markets in that several different deposit addresses can be added at one time, and each one can have their own withdrawal password. Buyers will need to configure at least one refund address for refunds. Vendors who have earned a lot of points on Royal’s system are afforded Trusted Vendor status and FE-enabled. All other orders are processed using standard escrow.

Royal Market Pros

  • Large number of vendors and listings across several categories.
  • Intuitive interface, easy-to-use design.
  • Per-Order (Direct Pay) payment system.

Royal Market Cons

  • Lack of sophisticated filters, funky search feature.
  • Lots of spam listings in non-physical item categories.
  • No support for Multisig or other payment options.
Royal market

Royal Market Dispute System

Buyer or Seller, while pressing the Dispute button, cancels all automation. From that time, we have a communication system ready for both sides. The administration is aware of every dispute and has access to the communication between Buyer and Vendor. If both parties cannot agree, Admin decides which side is a winning side. The buyer can also close and finalize the Dispute unassisted, anytime while it is open. Please keep in mind that every Vendor should have personal Terms of Service, and we can try to push the Vendor to execute them. Royal Market is not reliable for the quality of an item. If the Buyer got purchased item but is not happy about the quality, the fair is to finalize the order but leave Neutral or Negative feedback with the proper description.

Royal Market Report System

In case you suspect something, don’t like something, or think that you was/may get scammed, you got the option to: report a vendor, report a buyer, report a listing, report a custom shop, report a support agent, report a bug or any type of problem. All you have to do is click on the Report button located in: each listing, each custom shop, each buyer profile, each seller profile, each support agent profile. Once you clicked the Report button, please be very specified and include as much information as possible. Once the admin reads out the support he will either Accept it or Reject it. You will be notified of both. Accepted/Rejected reports will be displayed into the reported user profile once solutioned by the admin. Reports will affect user rating if Accepted and will not affect the ratings if Rejected.

Royal Market Referal Program

Join our REFERRAL Program to get endless streams of income. Recommend Royal Market Market and earn commission on each purchase or sale.

All you need to do is to go to /myprofile/refferal , copy your refferal link and share it around. This way you will get your own, unique Invitation Code which you can share with others. If user creates an account and use this code while signing up, he becomes your referral.

We are very generous and we offer 50 % off our commission.

How does it work ?
Once you have referred coupe of users and they either become vendors or start buying products, once the deal / order ends successfully 50 % off the earned fee ( currently 3 % global market fee ) will be automatically transferred into your specified withdraw wallet ).

You can view your referral statistics and referral list here: /profile/refferal

Sales From Other markets

We have built a nice feature in order for you vendors and buyers. Now, total sales from other markets are counted and displayed into all your listings, into your profile, into your custom shop and it will be displayed after your name, example:

Vendor (0) (0) – first (0) represents total sales on Royal Market, second (0) represents total sales on other markets. For example, if you had 200 sales on Empire market, 300 sales on Alphabay market and 150 sales on Dark Market, it will show as this; Vendor (0) (650) ( which is visible almost everywhere on the market )
Total sales on other markets will be also displayed into your listings, profile and custom shop.

Have stats from other markets that have not been imported ? Create a support ticket and request it.


When your Custom Shop status shows INACTIVE that means you did not:

  1. Set a name ( that will generate a one time link for your shop / the name and link can never be changed so chose carefully )
  2. Set a description
  3. Set a cover image
  4. Add at least 4 listings to your shop

By completing all the above steps will activate your custom shop, send a notification in the live feed that your shop has been enabled and list it under our /shops page.
Same rules apply for advertising/future your custom shop into our homepage, it needs to be customized before.

Royal market

How to trade on Royal Market

Buying on Royal Market is extremly easy and safe. We are offering multiple payment options and a smart escrow system. All you have to do is select the product you want to buy, add it to your cart, insert your shipping details or any additional info that will be encrypted automatically using vendor’s public PGP key, click Update, click Purchase and select your prefered payment option.

  1. Pay directly – means that you will be see a wallet and the ammount you need to deposit into our escrow system in order to mark your order as Paid ( Please note, you have only 3 hours to submit your payment due to coin price changes, if you fail to do so, your order will be automatically cancelled )
  2. Pay with market balance – If you have already deposited into your market balance or have balance from cancelled orders or won disputes, you can simply use this option to pay for your product.
  3. Combined payment – If you do not have enough market balance to cover your total order cost, you will be redirected to a payment page where you will be asked to pay the remaining balance to cover the total order cost.

How long does it take for orders to Finalize

Currently, orders will be automatically finalized if buyer won’t mark them as Delivered within:
14 days for Psyhical orders
5 days for Digital orders
Each order has its own timer shown within your order details page, if you did not receive your product and your order is abtout to autofinalize, please start a dispute to stop the timer.


Withdraws can take from few minutes up to 24 hours. Withdraws are checked each time before being processed for security and against scam reasons. Please do not create a ticket if your withdraw is not processed for lower then 24 hours, if your withdraw time will exceed 24 hours, do create a ticket.

Disputes Solve

It depends on each dispute. Disputes needs time to be processed since evidence needs to be provided. It may take from few days up to 1 week to get your dispute solved, depends on your answering time. If you did receive your order as a buyer, you can always Cancel your dispute witch will release the funds to the vendor.

Vendor Bond

Currently the vendor bond fee is set to $1000 and it is not refundable.

Custom Shop

Currently opening a Custom Shop costs $750 and it is not refundable.

502 Timeout Error

All you have to do is wait few minutes and click “New Tor circuit for this site” within your tor browser, try all our alternative links: