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Kerberos Market Introduction

Good morning my friends, I wish you all a wonderful day in our beautiful underworld.

We thought long about whether or not bringing Kerberos to life.
The reason for this is that if we call a project into life, it is done right: Without compromises and with the necessary responsibility.
And when we saw one market disappeared after another (and mostly by Exit-Scams) we decided to do so.

The Kerberos Marketplace was created under the premise to stay forever. We wanted a great and a fair marketplace.
Vendors can build a lasting presence for their business that can grow and flourish without worries.

This market was designed to stay, not to disappear like all the others after 1 or 2 years.
In our opinion it is just pretty shitty to create a marketplace and then, just when it was established, do an Exit-Scam or to retire.
Especially after vendors have just built up their store with a lot of work and effort and build up the necessary reputation and customers have found a reliable place to acquire their preferred goods.
It happened to us personally – both as vendors and as customers, like: What the HELL!??

In addition, we very closely monitored the markets in recent years and rarely – if anything – has improved in terms of the quality of the markets.
It was always just another marketplace or it was trying to bring back a new version of an old legend.
But in the end all have disappeared after a relatively short time.

That’s why we finally decided to create something new, which has never been done in this form.
Regardless if you are a vendor or a customer – every member will very quickly feel the difference.
Due to the constant further development of the Onion Network and other technologies, today it is possible to create a marketplace which can last for many years.
We have focused on safety and security and made no compromises, including multi-layer encryption and the Kerberos Guardian with integrated Strike-System.

Whatever happens, we will provide whatever it takes to make Kerberos stay forever.

We also wanted to use the opportunity to do something good with this project. That’s why we support Heifer International.
Vendors and customer can participate and do something good as well, making our world better and help turning hunger and poverty into hope and education.
Participation is completely voluntary.

Kerberos Market

Kerberos Market Rules

Common Marketplace RulesWe don’t have many rules here, but those that we have are strictly enforced by The Administration.
We treat everyone properly and fair and expect this in return of every member on Kerberos.Take your time to read and understand the Marketplace Rules and the Kerberos Guardian. Take a look at the FAQ, all important questions are answered there.
If something is still unclear, write The Administration via Kerberos Mail and ask.
Later statements like I didn’t know that are meaningless. Ignorance does not protect one from punishment. If members try to scam each other or the marketplace in any way – no consideration will be given.

The account will be instantly banned!

This also applies if false information will be provided or evidence will be forged in a given case.

If you receive a strike, The Administration will be informed and will be looking into this.
The Administration sees what triggered the strike.
If there is no fault of your own, your strike(s) will be resettet, otherwise you will be punished. Just don’t even try, it’s not worth it.

The entire Kerberos Marketplace is multi-layer encrypted.
Always use Kerberos and you can be sure that you are secure.
You can encrypt every sensitive data with PGP through Kerberos or by yourself with one-click if your PGP Public Key
is supplied to the marketplace.

Download the PGP Public Keys of The Administration and Lucifer, also the signed mirror URL’s.
Always verify the Kerberos mirror URL’s, crypto addresses and the canary.
These are always signed by The Administration or by Lucifer (canary).

All options for securing your account are available to every member.
Always keep Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) enabled to prevent any unauthorized access.

If the information (Attention: BEFORE you …, please read and understand the following information:) is displayed,
pay attention to this – before you perform an action!

Every user can always report an user who violates the marketplace rules, same thing for item listings.
Only report if there is a legitimate reason for doing so. You can be punished if the report is being abused for no valid reason.

Any type of communication, agreement or business outside of the marketplace which is related to an order on Kerberos will be ignored by us and is at your own risk.Special Vendor Marketplace Rules Vendors are obligated to fulfill certain requirements for listings.

Vendors are not allowed to:
list other inventory in an item description, vendors have to do this in their About Vendor section.
list a physical item as a digital item and vice versa or in wrong categories.
list duplicates (only allowed for different quantity of items and this too, please, to a reasonable extent!)
list prohibited items of any type.
deal outside Kerberos in any way like Wickr, Jabber or something else.
permanently store customer information.

A vendor is responsable to accept or reject an received order within a reasonable period of time.

It’s also every vendor’s responsibility to pack and ship physical items with good stealth, so that the customer’s safety is not compromised. You can see by the categories, what items are allowed to trade. Nevertheless the following items are prohibited:
Child- or animal pornography or any resources that might lead to it.
Trafficking humans, animals or any body parts.
Fentanyl or any other deadly poison or any biohazard items.
Any kind of weapons, explosives or chemicals to produce explosives.