German Man Suspected of Selling and Buying Drugs on the Darkweb

Police are investigating a man accused of selling “significant quantities of drugs on the darkweb” in Marktoberdorf, Bavaria.

In a short press release, Marktoberdorf police announced ongoing investigations into “activities on the darkweb.” In February 2020 someone reported smells of marijuana coming from outside an apartment. The police followed the lead and searched the apartment, more than seven kilograms of marijuana and 60,000 euros in cash was found. Three suspects aged 25, 29, and 47 were arrested.

Investigators in Kempten identified a 35 year old connected to the first three suspects. More than two kilograms was discovered in the 35 year old’s apartment,600 grams of cocaine, and 1,200 ecstasy pills were also found.

The 35 year old is being investigated.