German police arrest 2 suspects in dark web investigation

The German police has arrested two suspects who allegedly manufactured and distributed drugs on dark web markets.

The German Hamburg Customs Investigation Office announced that it arrested both suspects in connection with an investigation into a dark web drug trafficking investigation. The two recently arrested suspects, in addition to six others, manufactured drugs, sold them on the dark web and laundered money.

The Investigators in the Hamburg Customs Investigation Office launched the investigation in 2019. Then on September 21, 2021, police officers executed search warrants at ten apartments in Germany and the Netherlands. In the cellar of one of the apartment building, investigators located a laboratory that was allegedly used to manufacture undisclosed drugs. Police seized large amounts of drugs during the raid, according to the press release.

German Police
German Police Car

During their searches, the police also seized electronic devices, cash of 75,000 euros, watches, jewelry, six cars, and a motorcycle.

Speaking at the announcement of the conclusion of the searches, Stephan Meyns, who is the spokesman for the Hamburg Customs Investigation Office said, “Customs is fighting drug trafficking through the darknet. We want to destroy the infrastructure there.” He said that law enforcement’s goal is to cut into the profits earned by drug trafficking. “Crime should not pay off,” he said.

The investigation is still ongoing as investigators are trying to extract evidence from the electronic devices they seized from the suspects.

German Police Press Release: