Sweden: Two Charged in for Selling Drugs through the Darkweb

Authorities in Stockholm, Sweden have charged two men for allegedly distributing large quantities of drugs on the darkweb.

According to the police in Sweden, the two men who are aged 45 and 50, allegedly ran a large-scale drug trafficking operation from the basement of their residence in Stockholm, Sweden. This basement served as their base of operations, they allegedly processed packages of amphetamine for shipment to customers all over Sweden.

Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm Sweden

Police learned about an individual mailing a “number of packages” from a mailbox in Kungsholmen. This number, which the police apparently found suspicious, led the police to open one of the packages. Inside the opened package, the police found amphetamines. They then arrested the person responsible for mailing the package they had opened.

After arresting the first suspect, the police learned about the basement mentioned above. Although the press release cites a “good investigation” for the discovery, the first suspect likely just provided investigators with everything they needed to know, including the location of the stash house.

Police officers executed a search warrant at the house in Stockholm and seized approximately 16 kilograms of amphetamine, 500,000 pills of an undisclosed substance, and other undisclosed drugs. Police believe the seized drugs are worth more than $1.4 million.

Investigators established that the suspects had used the basement as a part of their drug trafficking operation for a “long time.” According to police, the suspects received drug orders through the darkweb, processed the orders in the basement, and mailed drug packages to buyers in Sweden.