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About White House Market

White House Market is a Monero only market that claims to have good security.

  • If you are an established vendor on another market and you can prove who you are we will give you the same user name (even if someone else already registered it) and we will port your feedback to White House Market. We will also suspend any user trying to steal a known vendor’s moniker/reputation.
  • Javascript warning: Javascript must be disabled in order to access this market (and for any dark net activities). If you have Javascript enabled, a warning will be shown and you won’t be able to proceed. Javascript should be disabled browser wide. If you use the “NoScript” plugin the Javascript error my be shown for a short time until the plugin kicks in. This is normal and it should not be a concern, however we strongly recommend disabling Javascript browser wide:
    – Type “about:config” in your Tor browser address bar.
    – Search for “javascript.enabled”.
    – Set it to “false”.
  • Our goal is to create a simple user experience while maintaining a high level of security and anonymity.
  • Everything is written from scratch. No public market script.
  • Simple, intuitive design without unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • Bug Bounty program.
  • Fast customer service. If we get overloaded, we will suspend registration until we get more moderators or until we clear our backlog.
  • The official language is English. We may also offer limited support in other languages.
White House Market Home Page
  • Both Tor and I2P mirrors.
  • No withdrawal limits, except if the amount is lower then the network fee. In that case the withdrawal will be returned to your wallet.
  • 5% fee for vendors, no fee for buyers. This is a flat fee for finalized orders only. No hidden fees, no deposit fees, no withdrawal fees. For high volume vendors, fee can be negotiated.
  • Listing prices are in USD,EUR,GBP,AUD and CAD the exchange is calculated when ordering. XMR to fiat rates are updated periodically.
  • Up to 4 pictures per listing, up to 5M picture size, JPEG only.
  • Up to 15000 characters per listing description.
  • Private listings. Can be used for custom orders/discounts to specific buyers on White House Market.
  • Quick listing clone/duplicate on White House Market.
  • Idle timeout selected at login on White House Market.
  • Detailed logging of failed sign in attempts. You will be able to see of someone tried to sign in to your account and what credentials were wrong (password or 2fa). Logs are kept for limited time on White House Market.
  • Simple image-based captcha, very easy to solve for humans yet hard for bots.
    Clarification: Our captcha doesn’t have anything to do with Google’s re-captcha, except maybe for the idea of using image recognition instead of “traditional” captchas. It does not have any scripts of fingerprinting mechanisms whatsoever, it is plain html/css. This can be easily audited. Google’s re-captcha wouldn’t work without javascript anyway.
  • Vacation mode for vendors.
  • Vendor selectable auto-finalize time (5-45 days).
  • Partial refunds, can be issued by vendor or by admins in case of a dispute.
  • PGP signed mirror list / market statement / canary with proof of freshness, updated at least once every 72 hours.
  • Deposit addresses are PGP encrypted and signed to deter MITM phishing on White House Market.
  • Configurable, PGP encrypted jabber/xmpp notifications, for both vendors and buyers on White House Market.
  • Configurable, PGP encrypted email notifications, for both vendors and buyers.
  • Private jabber server on White House Market.
  • For now we only support escrow. We may add multisig if enough users request it.
  • Except for some generic administration messages, no plaintext communication is allowed. You will not be able to use White House market without a PGP key.
  • PGP challenge-response two factor authentication.
  • Extra 2fa step for critical pages on White House Market.
  • All messages are truly end to end encrypted, so are the attached files. Nobody except the sender and the receiver will have access to your communication, not even us. At the time of this writing we are the only market enforcing end to end encryption.
  • Important: While our system allows exchange of encrypted files, pay special attention when receiving an attachment, especially if you never expected one! Verify the file and NEVER blindly click/open everything you receive! This is also valid for random links! Getting your device compromised invalidates every security measure, yours and ours. If you receive any unsolicited attachment or link, do not touch it and report it immediately !
  • We assume that any server can be hacked or seized eventually, so we don’t want to keep more data our servers then we need to.
  • What is kept in plaintext:
    • Listing information (title, description, pictures, price, shipping).
    • User names.
    • Sign in logs (for limited time).
    • Limited order information history, including vendor, buyer, order totals.
    • Limited feedback information.
    • Monero deposit and withdrawal addresses (for limited time).
    • Generic admin messages (for limited time).
    • Message subjects (both between users and support tickets,for limited time).
    • Public PGP keys.
    • Jabber/XMPP addresses used for notifications.
    • Email addresses used for notifications.
  • What is kept encrypted:
    • Messages between users (end to end encrypted, kept for a limited time).
    • Messages between users and admins (end to end encrypted, kept for a limited time).
    • Support tickets (end to end encrypted, kept for a limited time).
    • Message attachments (end to end encrypted, kept for a limited time).
    • Order details (shipping / delivery info or notes, kept for a limited time).
    • User passwords.
  • If a user decides to close his account, all information related to that specific user/account will be purged from White House Market.
  • No PGP private keys are kept on the servers.
  • No Monero private keys are kept on the servers.
  • Main wallet is only kept offline. Because of this, we verify/process all withdrawals in batches, within 24 hours, usually much faster.
  • We take periodic backups of databases, including wallets, orders, attached files.
  • Those measure ensure that even in the event our servers are compromised/seized:
    • No plaintext messages will be recovered.
    • No coins will be seized.
    • The attacker can only view the wallet balance, but he will not be able to transfer any funds.
    • We can be up and running in no time, and no order information will be lost.
  • For active, high volume users (both vendors and buyers):
    • We will give you a dedicated, authenticated .onion domain.
    • This way, if our public mirrors are getting DDOS-ed, you will still be able to access your account and do business.
    • We are also considering giving dedicated, authenticated domains to every active user (any user that has made at least a deposit or sale), this way a determined DDOS-er will not disturb our business, at least not too much.
  • Messages will be deleted after 45 days (unread messages included).
  • Sent messages are not saved. If you need them, you need to save them locally.
  • On White House Market Time zone is UTC, 24 hour time format.
  • If you want a specific feature implemented, please feel free to contact us. We are always open to good ideas as long as they don’t lower out security standards on White House Market.

Buyers Guide to White House Market

White House Market Product Page
  • Verify White House market signed message and make sure you are on the correct onion.
  • If you find something you like:
    – Check the listing carefully, and pay attention to listing’s terms and shipping information when dealing with physical goods.
    – Check the prices, including shipping. Prices are listed in fiat currency, but you will pay in Monero at the current exchange rate.
    – Check vendor’s last activity time, rating and reviews.
    – We do not offer automatic discounts at the moment, however you can contact the vendor and ask for a custom listing if he agrees to a discount on White House Market.
    – View and import vendor’s PGP public key.
    – Select desired quantity and shipping method.
    – Refunds will be deposited into your market wallet. You can use those funds as a total or partial payment for future orders or you can withdraw.
    – Write a short message to the vendor. Messages have to be locally encrypted (and preferably signed) before sending.
    – After hitting “Place Order” you will be shown an Invoice page. There you will find a Monero address unique to this order. The address is encrypted and signed. If you have money in your market wallet it will be used for either a total or a partial payment. If your balance won’t cover the order you will only have to send the missing amount.

    • Send the exact order amount to that address on White House Market.
    • The payment requires at least 1 confirmation within 180 minutes. By not having at least one confirmation within the 180 minute window you may lose your coin.
    • Address is unique to the order/invoice. Trying to re-use that address and you will lose your coin.
    • If you place multiple orders, you need to send multiple payments to multiple order addresses. Do not try to combine payments, it will not work on White House Market.
    • If you send less then the required amount, the order will be cancel and a refund will be issued to your market wallet.
    • If you send more then the required amount, the difference will be refunded.
    • If, by the time the payment is confirmed, something goes wrong with the listing (out of stock, vendor deleted listing) your order will be canceled and you will be refunded.
    • If you don’t send any payment, your invoice will be canceled.
    • Vendor will not “see” the order until payment is confirmed (10 network confirmations). We are not a wallet-less market so for payment issues contact US not the vendor!
    • Do not include a payment ID.
    • Do not send the payment from an exchange. While that may work, it is very bad for your OPSEC, the amount may be different, payment may be delayed and you may lose your coin. Send to your local wallet first!

      – After you sent the payment, you can refresh the “Invoice Status” page for updates.
      – If you log out or close the browser, you can find the invoice under “Your Invoices” page.
      – After your payment is confirmed (10 network confirmations) your order will be sent to the vendor.
      – If the vendor does not accept the order within 4 hours, you can cancel it on White House Market.
      – After a vendor marks the order as “Complete” pay attention to auto finalize date and time. You can only dispute or extend the auto-finalize time 24 hours before auto-finalize, so make sure you keep an eye on your orders as the exact time window for disputes / extend AF is clearly shown in the order tab.
      – Before disputing an order, please observe our rules. If you lose a dispute, administrators may give you a negative rating/feedback.
      – Keep in mind after a dispute is opened the other party has 72 hours (5 business days due to Covid) attend your dispute by using “Reply to dispute” button under your orders / your messages.
      – Remember to finalize your order after receiving your product/service. Failure to finalize can get you a bad rating/review.
      – While finalize-early (FE) is accepted, it is not encouraged. FE should only be used if you really trust the vendor (you have traded before), after you release the coin we cannot help you. Think before you click!
      – Rate the vendor after an order, to help keeping the community safe.
      – You can edit your feedback 30 days after an order is released / finalized on White House Market.

Vendor guide to White House Market

White House Market Drugs menu
  • Verify White House Market signed message and make sure you are on the correct onion.
  • If you are an established vendor on another market and you can prove who you are we will give you the same username (even if someone else already registered it) and we will port your feedback to White House Market.
  • Before becoming a vendor, please observe our rules as breaking or trying to circimvent any of them will get your account either temporarily or permanently restricted.
    – If your account is banned for rule violation we will give you time to attend pending orders, withdraw your balance and we will give you your bond back on White House Market.
    Since the above paragraph has been repeatedly abused it is no longer in effect. Rule violations will be treated on case by case basis but by breaking or trying to circumvent any rule you will most likely end up making a donation. Rules are not optional and if you don’t like them don’t join.
    – If your account is banned for scamming you will get nothing back.

  • If you find those rules acceptable:
    – Go to your account and click “Become a vendor”, then fill in the vendor application. We will process it as soon as possible.
    A non-refundable, $1000 vendor bond will be required.
    – Once you are a vendor, go to your account -> Manage your listings -> Add new listing.
    – Describe your item on White House Market as accurately as possible. Include terms and conditions either in your vendor profile or in the item’s description.
    – Do not include any off site communication methods (jabber, wickr, email) netiher in the listing description nor in your profile. If you want to send your contacts to your customer you can do that via encrypted messaging, but not via public listings.
    – Select shipping origin and destination, available quantities, measurement units, prices, etc.
    – Fiat prices have to be integers, no cents (.99) nonsense.
    – Add shipping methods. If selling digital goods/services, shipping is not required.
    – If you do not login to your vendor account within 5 days and you do not have notifications enabled (email or jabber) you will be set to vacation mode and your listings deactivated.
    – Add up to four pictures. Maximum picture size is 5 megabytes, the gallery thumbnail will be generated from the first image. For physical items, pictures are required.

  • Established vendors can apply for FE. To do so, log in and click “FE Application” under the user drop-down menu.
    – Some of you may have already been approved, to see your FE status check admin messages or go to your account page.
    – Not everybody will be accepted. We won’t publish the exact requirements for approval, however however you have to be an established vendor with FE on at least one active market.

  • – Customer can still cancel the order if you do not accept it within 4 hours, and you can cancel/refuse an order.
    – Since we don’t have a “hot wallet”, coins will still be stored in the market wallet until you withdraw.
    – If there are issues with the order, refunds / reshipments are to be arranged directly with the customer.
    – If you receive complaints, your FE privileges may be revoked.
  • If selling digital goods, you can either send them to the buyer as a message, or attach them as a file. Attachments must be encrypted with the buyer’s public key before sending.
  • We do not offer automatic discounts at the moment, however you can always create custom (private) listings.
  • We do not offer sorting by vendor’s rating at the moment, because we want to give all vendors equal opportunity to do business..
  • If you receive a dispute use the “Reply to dispute” button under your orders / your messages page.
  • You can choose to either accept or cancel an order. If canceling, it’s recommended to message the buyer and explain why.
  • Please check your stock / order message / policies BEFORE accepting an order or marking it as Complete / Shipped. If for any reason you cannot fulfill an order (you don’t ship to customer’s country etc) cancel the order before accepting it.
  • Asking us to cancel an order you accepted will count as a lost dispute. You can access the order message from within the order tab.
  • If you do not accept an order within 4 hours, the buyer has the option to cancel.
  • When you ship the order (or otherwise deliver it) you can mark it as complete.
  • When marking the order “complete”, you will be asked for an estimated auto-finalize time between 5 and 45 days. Make sure this is as close to reality as possible.
  • To issue a partial refund, move your mouse over the “Order Total” box and click “Issue partial refund”.
  • Rate the buyer after an order, to help keeping the community safe.
  • You can edit your feedback on White House Market 30 days after an order is released / finalized.
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